Xrays and Radiation

Dr. Alex Krempa, Mobile, Alabama dentist says,"X-rays are a wonderful diagnostic tool."  Without high quality x rays, many diseases would not be treated until end stage. The images produced during an xray allow the doctor to diagnose both early and late stages of disease. Beneficially, x-rays allow treatment during early stages. This treatment afforded by x-rays is often easier, faster, better, and cheaper-a perfect combination.

A Simple Filling

When dentists fix a cavity, there are many options. Dentists have multiple filling materials to choose from when restoring a tooth to form and function. For example, some dentists use silver fillings, while others use tooth colored composite fillings. There have been debates on the aesthetics of both materials, the longevity, the strength, the wear resistance and numerous other factors of evaluating these filling materials.

Why dental cleanings are so important

Dental cleanings are preventive. They are designed to remove the bacteria that cause disease. Most of these bacteria are Streptococcus. However, these bacteria form a complex unit called a bacterial biofilm. Other bacteria that inhabit teeth and surrounding tissues are Actinomyces and Fusobacterium. Left undisturbed the bacteria in this biofilm secrete toxins. The toxins are contained in the plaque and tartar (calculus) cause decay and gum disease.

What does a dentist do during my exam?

Many patients are curious about what dentists are looking for at check ups. The patient experience involves the dentist coming into the room and saying hello. He often will ask how things are going and catch up with you. Importantly, he will review your records and make sure you have received treatment in areas of previous concern. Additionally, asking about any problems relating to your teeth or overall health gives clues as to what area of your mouth is of the utmost importance.

Creating Beautiful Teeth

White and healthy teeth are essential to presenting yourself well. When people look at a person's face, one of the areas that immediately garners attention is the person's smile. Having bright and healthy smiles adds tremendously to a person's appearance. In fact, when people rate attractiveness, teeth have been shown to be the most important factor in finding someone attractive. Teeth are important to structure and support the face. They provide the focal point that our eyes gravitate towards.

Implants are making bridges a thing of the past

Many people are asking about implants, says general/cosmetic dentist Alex Krempa. These fantastic additions to the dental field have provided solutions to difficult problems. While there is a lot of information about implants out there, high quality information specific to your situation is best addressed by your dentist. Many types of dentists deal with implants. General dentists, Periodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and Prosthodontists are leading the way in this technology.

Flossing can save your smile and your life!

Most people brush their teeth every day, Mobile Dentist, Dr. Krempa says. They want to have better health and get good checkups at dental visits. Many people will perform this important hygiene procedure without thinking about the purpose of the activity. The point of cleaning our teeth is to disturb the bacteria that cause oral diseases. These bacteria commonly form a biofilm that is very difficult to remove, yet can be disturbed by the mechanical action of tooth brushing and the chemical action of toothpastes and mouth rinses.

Choosing a Dentist

A dentists first, and primary goal, is to provide excellent care to patients in order for them to live a healthy and full life. Dentists help patients by relieving tooth sensitivity or pain to biting, fixing worn or cracked teeth, providing cosmetic services like veneers and tooth colored fillings, prevent gum bleeding, and serve as a great resource for health information. Importantly, dentists are focused on prevention.
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