Teeth Whitening

As people age, teeth generally darken.  Although shade is not necessarily an indication of a healthy mouth, it appears so to others. Teeth whitening is an easy fix that not only makes a smile look better, but boosts confidence. 

If you are a person with sensitivity issues like cracked teeth, there are whitening products for you.  Special ingredients that help with the sensitivity can make a difference. People with darker teeth or heavy, deep stains will take longer to remove.  Teeth whitening will probably be a more lengthy process. If you have sensitive teeth, it is important to discuss this with your doctor before beginning treatment.

Additionally, our doctors are committed to a healthy smile. We believe in removing decay and making sure your smile is stable before focusing on tooth color. Making an analogy to home building, it is important to have a stable foundation and walls before you focus on paint color of your new home. In the same way, our doctors will make sure treating your smile is sequenced in a way that will have a long lasting result.

Teeth whitening is a relatively easy process that can make a significant difference in a smile.  If you are interested in whitening your teeth, your dentist can help you with the best method.  Although teeth whitening is always an ongoing process, once they reach a white shade, touch-ups are easy.

Recent advances in chemistry allow multiple treatment options to be offered. Whether you have a single dark tooth as a result of trauma or a childhood injury, or your teeth have yellowed, our doctors know what it takes to give you the smile you've always wanted. In the case of a single dark tooth, our doctors can use a technique called walking bleach. In this procedure, your doctor inserts medicine directly into your tooth. The result is a balanced and even shade of all your teeth.

In the case of a whole arch of discolored teeth, our doctors will determine a treatment plan that matches your needs. While Zoom whitening and other techniques have received past attention, our doctors know what will get you the results you desire. Our doctors deliver chairside whitening, in office whitening, tray whitening, whitening strips, whitening pins and overnight whitening solutions. Determining the solution whether hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is dependent on your dental needs. Our doctors are experts in getting you the results you demand. 

Our doctors believe in starting with the most simple treatment first. We have found that whitening teeth and reshaping them can help teeth look 15 years younger. In advances cases of fluorosis or tetracycline staining, our doctors can recommend a solution that fits your needs. Occasionally, the clinical situation will require advanced techniques like crowns or veneers to get the desired result. 

Our doctors believe in treating your cosmetic needs comprehensively and can recommend the correct toothpaste and cleaning schedule to keep your pearly whites shiny. 

New techniques and solutions are constantly coming to the market and our doctors are committed to staying abreast of all the advancements in this field. We believe Heraeus Venus whitening system provides many solutions to the most common challenges.

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